Freedom City internship is designed to help the next generation grow in Christ and develop spiritual discipline while at the same time doing "hands-on" ministry. We want to provide an opportunity for service and leadership training in the Freedom City culture. Interns will be exposed to prison ministry, street evangelism, and church planting in a missional church that is engaging and transforming the culture of the city. 

Why intern with Freedom City Church?

Prepare you for life and work through:

  • Personal attention: Be coached by a dedicated ministry leader who invests in your development, growth, and success.

  • Future focus: Discover more about who you are and develop a vision and purpose for your life.

  • A growth environment: Absorb the culture of the Freedom City Movement and experience strong leadership, innovative perspectives, and holistic development.

  • Real world experience: God has given you strengths and skills, and we want to give you the opportunity to use them to make a difference.

We focus on three key elements:

  • Spiritual Development

  • Personal Development

  • Professional Development


Length of Internship:

Summer, six months or one year internship available

Where will I live:

We provide housing, utilities and WIFI for single interns. 

Married interns are required to secure their own housing. 

Will I be on my own:

Each intern is matched with a coach. This coach is a Freedom City staff member who is specifically devoted to pouring wisdom into your life and building you up throughout the entire internship. 

How many hours will I serve:

You will serve 20-25 hours per week.