Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision: Our vision is to reach people far from God in the urban centers of the world with the hope of Jesus Christ in order to grow together as committed Christ-followers.

Mission: Our mission is to evangelize and disciple the hurting and marginalized with the hope of Jesus Christ through outreach, residential recovery homes, and worship gatherings, and plant life-giving churches in urban centers around the world.

Core Values: Our core values define our culture and shape our movement:

  • “It’s all about Jesus!” It’s not about us, it’s about Him. Everything we do must bring pleasure and honor to Him. {JESUS}

  • “Freedom City exists to reach people far from God.” Reach the one. {EVANGELISM}

  • “Who you working with?” Radical devotion to Christ should be the norm, not the exception. We are all called to make disciples, not just converts. {DISCIPLESHIP}

  • “Those that are forgiven much, love much.” We are madly in love with Jesus and we are not ashamed to express our passion for Him. {PASSION}

  • “We serve hard!” We are here to serve, not to be served. This is your world; we are here to serve in it. {SERVICE}

  •  “We are fam!” Relationships are the essence of life, and life is best enjoyed in authentic community. {COMMUNITY}

  • “Think big, start small.” {VISION}

  • “If you are not willing to scrub toilets, you can’t lead.” We will honor and prefer one another in humility. No prima donnas allowed. {HUMILITY}

  • “We go beyond the walls!” The world is our parish. We will not rest until the whole world knows Jesus Christ. {MISSIONS}

  • “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!” {FREEDOM}

  •  “We value and cultivate the presence of God.” We are a presence-driven church. {PRESENCE OF GOD}

  • “Keep it real!” We believe in being transparent. Nobody’s perfect—some people just act like it. {TRANSPARENCY}

  • “Leadership matters.” We will equip and empower godly servant leaders to change the world. {LEADERSHIP}

  •  “Anointed Bible teaching is the primary catalyst for life change.” {BIBLE TEACHING}

  •  “God deserves our very best.” Excellence honors God and inspires people. {EXCELLENCE}

  •  “All are welcome.” Everyone gets a seat at the table. {DIVERSITY}